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data warehousing and data mining

Difference Between Data Warehousing and Data Mining

If you are related to an industry that needs some level of technological sophistication and uses the internet, you would be familiar with the role that data plays in its general functioning and growth....
My Data Analyst Career

My successful Data Analyst Career

Great learning has been successfully transforming the lives of young professionals. One such individual is Vikas. Here is how Great Learning guided him to transform his career as a data analyst. What is your professional...
Comprehensive Approach to Learning

Great Learning has a comprehensive approach towards a students career- Baranidharan

Career transition can be hard but it is essential to learn new skills to sustain in the competing corporate world. Businesses believe that employees should upskill themselves to take advantage of the new digital...
towards data science

Your Weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics – October Part III

Data Science has a diverse set of applications and has emerged as one of the leading career paths in the recent times. The scope of data science has greatly increased and various new courses...
Gartner Market Guide 2019 trends

Key Takeaways from Gartner’s 2019 market guide for Data analytics and service providers

Analytics giant Gartner’s continues to be the pacesetter in software development. In the 2019 market guide, the analytics house continues to explore new players and markets that shape the industry, as well as emerging...