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automobile analytics case studies great learning

Examples of How Automotive Industry Use Analytics to Solve Problems.

Imagine the perfect automobile ever. It maneuvers itself on the road even when you are sleeping, stops by at your preferred patisserie for your favorite dessert, and wakes you up just in time for...
5 big data skills salary great learning

Big Data Analytics Skills To Boost Your Salary

Are you wondering what the buzz about big data is? Should you make a transition to a career in big data analytics? Well, whether you are already in data analytics or IT, you have...
Big Data Analytics Daily Life Great Learning

Use of Big Data Analytics in Everyday Life

In recent times, There has been a significant increase in the application of big data analytics in everyday life. Data has been associated with profit maximization techniques (used by e-commerce sites and targeted ads),...

How Big is the Scope of Big Data in India

With everyone talking about it and recognizing it as one technology trend that can’t be ignored, we are truly in the era of Big Data. As Big Data and analytics continues to become mainstream,...