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AI introduced as a subject

AI Introduced as a Subject in Schools- AI Guide

Artificial Intelligence is seemingly limitless as more businesses look to integrate the technology to enhance their core operations. Growth of AI as a principal instrument across every sector is exceptional. This week’s...
design thinking in artificial intelligence

The Role of Design Thinking in Artificial Intelligence Applications

Today, the world's top and emerging organisations are focusing on implementing Artificial Intelligence alike. In their enthusiastic attempt to include AI into their processes and applications, basic factors like the need and...
Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Top 10 Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Talking of advancements, from Abacus to Super-Computers, the world has come a long way. The world, say a hundred years ago was highly dependent on manual execution. Simple tasks such as...
AI startups

Top 9 Artificial Intelligence Startups in India (December 2019)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are technologies that have seen a tremendous uplift both in terms of investment and innovation in the past three years. They are now being implemented across diverse...
application of AI

Application of AI into the Judicial System – AI Guide

Artificial Intelligence is evolving at a great pace. Applications of artificial intelligent systems into various sectors, both private and public is essential for the smooth functioning and to compete in the emerging...