Your Essentials Guide to Artificial Intelligence – September Part III

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Artificial Intelligence is an often overused yet little understood term in popular culture, evoking visions of a machine dominated world. The reality, however, is far from that – AI is not a disruptive element as it is frequently portrayed to be. It’s creating more job opportunities than it is taking away. Most importantly, it is aiding a wide variety of technological advances. The following news articles reflect how tech giants are pushing AI research forward and how different industries are benefiting from it.

Google Opens an AI Research Lab in Bengaluru to Advance Computer Science Research in India

At its recent annual event, Google for India announced that it is setting up a research lab in India which will focus on Artificial Intelligence and its applications in India. This research lab will be based in India’s tech capital, Bangalore and will be headed by a renowned scientist and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) fellow, Dr Manish Gupta. The research activities will centre around applying AIML technologies in healthcare, agriculture and education. This lab is expected to help millions of people in the country who do not have access to quality healthcare or education, apart from taking the AI pledges forward.

Samsung Electronics is Actively Investing in Artificial Intelligence in Seven Countries

In a Samsung Newsroom interview recently, Gary Geunbae Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Samsung Research’s AI Center in Seoul, revealed AI insights that are driving their centres in South Korea (Seoul), the U.S. (Silicon Valley and New York), the U.K. (Cambridge), Canada (Toronto and Montreal) and Russia (Moscow). These centres focus on various facets of AI, ranging from computer vision to language understanding, data analysis, robotics and more. The company aims to fuse AI functionalities with its products to present consumers with more smart solutions. AI ethical compliance is also a key focus area for Samsung, as it believes that AI can cause serious social problems if mishandled and abused.

Microsoft And Qualcomm Debut Their Vision AI Developer Kit  

Microsoft and Qualcomm have come together to build their debut Vision AI Developer Kit for computer vision applications. This platform uses Microsoft Azure ML and Azure IoT Edge platforms to run AI models locally or in the cloud. The hardware uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 603 chip and LDDR4X memory. 

Artificial Intelligence Used to Recognize Primate Faces in The Wild

Studying primitive species like Chimpanzees who have complex social lives can lead to many sociological discoveries but long-term research on primates is often hindered by low lighting, poor image quality and motion blur. Scientists at the University of Oxford are using AI software to recognise and monitor wildlife activities. These AI inputs are expected to aid research and cut down on expenses.

AI Technology is Creating Real Value Across Industries

“AI—like any technology in history—is neutral, it’s what we do with it that counts, so it’s our responsibility, as an AI ecosystem, to drive it in the right direction.” – Says Affectiva CEO Rana el Kaliouby. Affectiva is one of the 50 companies featured in the Forbes list of promising artificial intelligence companies. The founders of all of these companies think that AI has been held in a bad light for way too long, whereas in reality, it’s only as beneficial as we make it. On the other hand, founders also feel that we have inflated expectations from AI, which is after all, not as intelligent as a pattern-matching system. 

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Your essential weekly guide to Artificial Intelligence – September Part II

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Artificial Intelligence is paving the way to the future, one breakthrough at a time. On the other hand, there are debates on the ‘pros and cons’ and the ‘perceived vs. actual intelligence’ of AI. Here are a few recent articles that highlight this notion. Read on to learn more.

A Breakthrough for A.I. Technology: Passing an 8th-Grade Science Test

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a prominent lab in Seattle, unveiled a new system that passed the test with room to spare. It correctly answered more than 90 per cent of the questions on an eighth-grade science test and more than 80 per cent on a 12th-grade exam. The system, called Aristo, is an indication that in just the past several months researchers have made significant progress in developing A.I. that can understand languages and mimic the logic and decision-making of humans.

Artificial Intelligence Aid Fight Against Global Terrorism

Although terrorists have become skilled at manipulating the Internet and other new technologies, artificial intelligence or AI, is a powerful tool in the fight against them, a top UN counter-terrorism official said this week at a high-level conference on strengthening international cooperation against the scourge. Read more to know how AI technologies are being used to counter global terrorism.

AI is Not as Smart as You Think

‘Computers won’t cause the end of civilisation.’

Speaking at a recent artificial intelligence seminar, Dr Mariarosaria Taddeo, a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, said AI will never think for itself. There is not a shred of proper research that supports the idea that AI can become sentient. This is a technology that behaves as if it were intelligent, but that is nothing to do with creating or deducing.

Top Highlights From The World Artificial Intelligence Conference

With the theme of “Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Possibilities”, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 concluded recently in Shanghai. During the opening ceremony, Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla had a 45-minute debate on the impact of AI on human civilisation, future of work, consciousness and environment. The event saw innovative applications related to industrial ecology, AI urban application, autonomous driving and other cutting-edge technologies, and about 400 companies which participated.

How Artificial Intelligence is Creating Jobs in India, Not Just Stealing Them

There is a growing demand for data-labelling services that are “localised”- both linguistically and culturally relevant to India. From an opportunity point of view, there are about a lakh jobs posted on various portals currently. 

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Your essential weekly guide to Artificial Intelligence – August Part I

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Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from theoretical discussions and assessing the scope and consequences of it, to real-life applications. Today, applications of Artificial Intelligence can be witnessed across industries globally. Here is a glimpse of this notion as we list out some of these applications in different sectors.   

Nvidia’s Autonomous Robocar Replaces The Combustion Engine For Good

This July, the first racing competition for self-driving cars –Roborace – took place at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The race features the pairing of man and machine as they test their automated driving systems (ADS) and show off some of the autonomous industry’s latest tech. Nvidia was on the track in July 2019 with their autonomous concept race car – Robocar. 

AI-Based FaceApp Takes The Internet by Storm as Users Rush to See Their Old-Age Looks

FaceApp, the AI-based photo editor has taken the internet by storm — all over again. The app, developed by Russian company Wireless Lab, is actually two years old but was recently updated with an improved old age filter. According to a Forbes report, the viral app already has access to more than 150 million names and faces.

Aetna Enlists AI to Settle Health Insurance Claims

Aetna has created artificial intelligence (AI) software to settle claims, a solution that could provide a blueprint for broader automation of complex processes at the health insurance giant. The software rapidly parses complex healthcare provider contracts, whose blend of information about medical conditions and financial data often tax the patience of the trained humans who process them.

Swiggy’s Tech Head on How The Food-Tech Startup is Using AI to Go Beyond Food Deliveries

The food-tech startup has unveiled a bold vision of transforming itself into an artificial intelligence-first product as it has started to leverage this tech to add more services that go beyond food delivery.

This Artificial Intelligence ‘Sees’ Cells From Within

Greg Johnson and his coworkers at Seattle’s Allen Institute have trained a deep learning system to label known cell parts, and then discover unknown components. the team believes the program can be used to build the most accurate models ever of cells’ inner workings. 

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