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data science and analytics weekly digest - Sep. 3

Your weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics – September Part I- GL

Data Science and Analytics are being applied across industries, varying in their scope and magnitude based on the purpose of the application. Even as we witness these technologies solving bigger problems, there are still...

Keep Calm and Let the Business Analyst Handle it

A Day in the Life of a Business Analyst Business Analytics has emerged as a much sought after skill set. Professionals with business analytics expertise can work in different analytical profiles in companies to help...
Best Data Science and Business Analytics Courses for working professionals in India

Best Data Science and Business Analytics courses for Professionals

The term analytics and data science have garnered a lofty prominence in the past decade mostly used interchangeably. As it stands strong today, business analytics is finding applications across functions ranging from marketing, customer...
business analyst interview questions

10 Most Common Business Analyst Interview Questions

Preparing for a Business Analyst Job Interview? Here are a few tips and the most useful and common business analyst interview questions that you might face.  Before attending an interview for a business analyst position,...
Pepsi design thinking

Is Design Thinking PepsiCo’s Secret to Market Dominance?

Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi took up the reins of the company when it was facing considerable drop in sales. As a way to address this, she revised her business strategy to make it more...