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My Business Intelligence Course with Great Learning.

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The data revolution has been happening for a while now. It will continue to do so in the future and significantly impact across every sector. Increased use of data handling tools among corporates and startups prove that more opportunities are opening in the domain. Jayaram decided to upskill by pursuing a Business Intelligence Course to align with the changing job demands to sustain and be successful. here is how he did it.

What is your professional background?

I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Visvesvaraya Technological Univerity in 2007. I started my career as a corporate trainer at Infosys where I used to train recruits who did Business Intelligence Course and other related tools & concepts. Apart from this, I also held the position of an Internal Consultant where I had to provide insights using Data Modelling, Reporting, Dashboard, Developing, etc. My long and close association in these domains made me more curious and I felt an urge to master the fields of my work. So In 2017, I signed up for a course with Great Learning.

What made you zero in Great Learning? 

By 2017, I realised that my understanding of  Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics back in 2009 was very unstructured. Following this thought, to sharpen my skills in this field, I started looking for institutes to pursue a Business Intelligence Course.

I joined Great learning due to multiple reasons namely:

  1. When I researched on Institutes, I noticed that the course Great Learning offer is more comprehensive. I crossed check with what I intended to learn and soon realised that Great Learning is the perfect option and then I joined.
  1. Also, this particular course was designed especially for working professionals like me, thus provided me with a  lot of flexibility in terms of offline and online classes.
  1. Few of my colleagues who completed a full-time MBA from Great Learning spoke high of the institute and gave positive reviews.

How was your overall experience with GL?

As I mentioned earlier, the course was diligently designed and was pretty comprehensive.

I loved the way the classes were conducted and how precisely the course was taught by experienced industry experts, delivering everything mentioned. The regular quiz sessions, peer to peer interaction sessions demanded us to do a lot of projects as a group, which helped us to have insights from the batchmates. I appreciate the way Great Learning’s alumni connect has helped many to transition in this field.

Can you share your experience during the Capstone Project? 

We took a project on Text Analytics where we tried studying the effectiveness of business meetings via calls. For this, we used the methodology of voice to text conversions and then using National Language Processing techniques to measure effectiveness and accessing the quality of the meeting and key contributors. This project helped me transition to Uniphore, a Conversational Analytics Company and the knowledge of tools that we used in our Capstone project is helping me at this role to a great extent. Thanks to Great Learning for making my transition smooth.

What would be your advice to future aspirants of this course?

Before joining the program, I would like to advise everyone to take this program only when you have a bend towards data analytics. If you are a keen coder and not into analytics, this may not be for you. I request them to not take this course as it is the current hot topic and if still interested should follow my next suggestion.

They should at least have an understanding of Data and related fields. I suggest them to take any Business Intelligence course, learn tools like data modelling, reporting, tableau, etc. This would help them to benefit most out of this course.

Ones they are done with the course, they need to keep practising it, otherwise, they will forget them. Find means at your current job to apply algorithms & concepts. Practise them regularly to keep a good command over it. I would always suggest them to have a Business benefit approach which includes functional and technical aspects for their better understanding of subject and tools.

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