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Great Lakes’ PGP-DSBA Provides the Ultimate Flexibility to Pursue Data Science & Analytics

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Great Lakes’ Post-Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics (PGP-DSBA) offers maximum flexibility to facilitate learning to professionals, without the need of compromising on their ongoing routine and commitments. Here are the 4 flexibility options offered:

  1. Flexibility to take up missed sessions – Learning new skills to transition your career along with the existing professional and personal commitments could be a daunting experience. But we make it easier with the opportunity to access your missed lectures any time you can and want. Our Learning Management system Olympus helps you access recorded sessions and weekend classes 24/7. This gives you the freedom of going back to the sessions over and over again for better learning. With Olympus, you don’t have to worry about missing a session – ever again!
  2. Flexibility to accommodate transfer cases – For the ones who frequently travel and have last-minute commitments cropping up regularly, being present at the location of the program all the time becomes a challenge. We accommodate all the cases of inter-city location change. You can continue taking up classes with the batch that is active in the city of your travel. If there are no active batches in the city of your travel, or this option doesn’t work for you due to any other reason, our very next flexibility option surely will !!
  3. Flexibility to accommodate sabbaticals from our batch – If your company is sending you abroad for a couple of months, or if you have any other valid commitment that needs you to be away, this option is for you. Great Learning provides you with an option to leave the program mid-way, and resume when you are back with another batch. Also, there is no maximum cap on the hold period. Whether it is two months or 6 months, we accommodate all cases.
  4. Flexibility in payment options – At Great Learning, we believe that the financial constraints should not become a road-block in the learning path. Therefore, we offer flexible payment options for all our applicants. We have easy instalment options that reduce the stress of paying the course fee upfront. It also helps you to plan your finances for the year ahead of joining the course. With these options, you can focus more on learning rather than stressing about the fee payment. We have partnered with HDFC Credilla, Zest Money, and Avance education for easy loan options.

Great Learning’s PG program in Data Science and Business Analytics is hands down the most flexible course there is. Don’t wait for a perfect time, as there never will be. Join us now!


Disclaimer: Information is subject to change without prior notice.

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