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IT Firms Reskill Staff to Bridge Digital-Talent Gap

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We are pleased to share with you the coverage Great Learning received in The Economic Times recently. The story by Ayan Pramanik explores how IT companies are re-skilling the staff to take up roles in digital technologies.

The story highlighted the following facts:

1. The IT industry will add nearly 1,80,000 jobs to its current headcount of 3.9 million.

2. Companies are now encouraging employees to get trained in technologies like UX design, AI-driven data analytics and machine training.

3. The need for new skills is different and large-scale reskilling is important.

4. Companies are enabling large-scale reskilling internally and externally.

5. Infosys is looking to strengthen its people into new foundations like AI, big data, the blockchain, cloud, cybersecurity, digital and DevOps.

Please view the following clip for more details.



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