What is Computer Vision

What is Computer Vision? Learn the Basics

What is Computer Vision? Computer vision is a field of study which enables computers to replicate the human visual system. It's a subset of artificial intelligence which collects information...
python tutorial for beginners

Python Tutorial For Beginners – A complete guide

What is Python and how Python Works? Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language. Most beginners in the development field prefer Python as one of the first languages to...
Datasets for Computer Vision

Datasets for Computer Vision using Deep Learning

Deep learning stems from neural network-based artificial intelligence. Neural networks transformed the entire learning process of algorithms due to its efficient feature extraction capabilities. The deep learning approach has gained tremendous momentum in the...

Excerpts From a Masterclass on Movie Recommendation System

Recommendation systems are becoming increasingly important in today’s extremely busy world. People are always short on time with the myriad tasks they need to accomplish in the limited 24 hours. Therefore, the recommendation systems...
AI in healthcare

How AI can Improvise Healthcare Industry

What has the data done? The world today is driven by data. With every passing day, data is coming closer to us and getting involved with our lives. You cannot separate data and the economy....