Comparison of AWS, Azure, and GCP

Comparing Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Cloud Computing is an on-demand delivery of computer system resources such as storage, applications, computing power, and other IT resources over the internet. It’s called cloud computing because users can access these system resources...
Great Learning Success Story by PGP-CC Alumnus : Nagaraj Ethirajulu , Delivery Manager - Cloud and Infra Services at TekSystems

The Program helps me to work on New Projects: Nagaraj, PGP-CC Alumnus

It is said that ‘Change is the only constant’. The technological landscape is constantly evolving. Trends come and go and the required skills one needs to be proficient in changes with the trend. Read on...

Public Vs Private Vs Hybrid: Which Cloud Models do Companies Prefer?

Organisations of all sizes have come to rely on the cloud to manage their data infrastructure securely at lower costs. The basic structure of cloud computing is based on the public cloud and private...
cloud industry jobs

What does the cloud industry hold in store for aspiring job seekers?

Cloud computing as a concept has been around for a long time, and it’s constantly evolving nature has given way to a big growth spurt in terms of industry penetration and job growth. For...
cloud computing in 10 years greatlearning

5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Will Grow in the Next 10 Years

Sky is the limit for Cloud Computing. We are witnessing a massive growth in the adoption and evolution of cloud computing. Intypes some sense, cloud providers like Microsoft, AWS, Google etc. have become to computing...