NLP Interview Questions

38 NLP Interview Questions and Answers with Explanations

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Introduction: NLP stands for Natural Language Processing which helps the machines understand and analyse natural languages. It is an automated process to extract required information from data by applying machine learning algorithms.  While...
business analytics companies in India to work for

Top 10 Business Analytics Companies in India to work for

Digitisation and Data are driving a change in the way organisations make decisions and devise processes. Harnessing and analysing data generated by digital systems is the key to making informed and intelligent...
My Data Analyst Career

My successful Data Analyst Career

Great learning has been successfully transforming the lives of young professionals. One such individual is Vikas. Here is how Great Learning guided him to transform his career as a data analyst. What is your professional...
Business Intelligence Course

My Business Intelligence Course with Great Learning.

The data revolution has been happening for a while now. It will continue to do so in the future and significantly impact every sector. Increased use of data handling tools among corporates and startups...
business intelligence course

The course structure is very well planned– Abhay, PGP BABI

Business Analytics and Business Intelligence have picked up momentum as a career option and upskilling in these fields opens up many opportunities for professionals. The right direction and support can be extremely beneficial and...