Great earning Success Story

The Content helped to fill Knowledge gaps – Aishwarya, PGP-BABI

At Great Learning, we strive to bring about a remarkable change in the career and life of our learners, and it is their success that fuels our drive to grow and provide better services...
data science weekly news

Your Weekly Guide to Data Science And Analytics – August Part V – GL

It is an established fact that there is an upsurge in the Data Science and Analytics career opportunities and that there is a dearth of skilled professionals to fulfil the job requirements. With the...
great learning success story - Dipankar Neogi

The Course offered an exhaustive curriculum- Dipankar, Data Analyst

There are times when professionals in a specific domain reach saturation and do not enjoy working in their domain. At such times, one can either succumb to the monotony or rise up to look...

Different aspects of Data Science and related fields such as Machine Learning

It is no surprise that data science is THE future of technology and is creating millions of jobs world wide. Tech giants like Facebook, Google, IBM are spending millions of dollars in research and...

Difference between Business Analyst & Data Scientist

If there’s one thing that has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the world today - it’s data. Data is driving and shaping modern businesses exponentially. However, data in itself doesn’t...