Courses tailored for Professionals who want to Upskill: Nityashree

When you realise that the graduate certificate you hold doesn’t align with the fast-changing job requirements. You can’t sit back, regret and wait for a change to happen when the whole world is moving...
Gartner Market Guide 2019 trends

Key Takeaways from Gartner’s 2019 market guide for Data analytics and service providers

Analytics giant Gartner’s continues to be the pacesetter in software development. In the 2019 market guide, the analytics house continues to explore new players and markets that shape the industry, as well as emerging...
US University top choices

4 Reasons Why a US University Should Be Your Top Choice for Data...

The data revolution is well underway. As the demand for data scientists and AI professionals grows by leaps and bounds, we are witnessing a rising number of courses promising to “turn you into a...
Business Intelligence tools and Reporting Solutions

Best Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions in 2019 

Introduction to Business Intelligence What are the impacts of digital transformation on business? Do new technologies have any effect on the way businesses collect data? Is there any simple way to generate reports and access...
Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and The Human Mind: When will they meet?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines as opposed to the intelligence possessed by humans. It is an umbrella term to represent technologies like cognitive computing, machine learning, image recognition, and many more....