7 Highest Paying Corporate Jobs in India in 2019

While ideals, interest, skills and ambition may drive you to chase any particular career path, salary plays an important role when it comes to sustaining that path. With the cost of living rising by...
Artificial Intelligence

6 Ways AI is Disrupting the Education Sector

Education is rapidly changing around the world. The new generation of learners is born with digital acumen and the ability to adopt technologies quickly. It is an era where software solutions and advanced devices...

Run experiments by building your own Deep Learning Machine

If you are taking up a Deep Learning or Machine Learning course right now, the best way to learn is by running your own experiments. To run those experiments and train models with large...
deep learning

Top 10 Applications of Deep Learning 2020 Across Industries

Think of a world with no road accidents or cases of road rage. Think of a world where every surgery is successful without causing the loss of human life because of surgical...