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Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Designed for working professionals
  • Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Building AI teams, Building POC for AI projects
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Excellent Program Experience
  • Online content with 50+ hours of recorded videos that combines conceptual understanding, practical use cases and demos
  • Get your queries clarified in Live virtual sessions conducted by thought leaders with several years of industry experience.
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Industry Relevant
  • Work on 5+ industry relevant Case-based projects that don’t require coding experience.
  • Recorded case studies from Industry experts to demonstrate appropriate scenarios
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Working Professional
Designed for Senior Mangers and Leaders
Career Support
Live Virtial Classes alongwith 50+ hours of recorded content
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Work on 5+ industry relevant Case-based projects that don’t require coding experience.
Industry Project
Learn data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Building AI teams, Building POC for AI projects

Artificial Intelligence Program for Leaders

Online Learning with Live Virtual Classes | 4 Months | No Programming Experience

Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin and Great Lakes Executive Learning

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Rank in Business Analytics

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The Urge to Pursue Artificial Intelligence for Leaders

Artificial Intelligence is one buzzword that has created a great revolution in the technological sector. All of us interact with AI almost daily. The music suggestions you get on Spotify, the accurate product recommendations on e-commerce websites, and many more are AI-driven. We also hear a lot about Machine Learning and Deep Learning these days. These technologies have become so relevant in the 21st century. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most evolving technologies in today's world. The domain of Artificial Intelligence is observed to create greater influence in every industry.

AI is constantly expanding its territory and every industry/ business is now in need of AI professionals to help them sustain the competition and meet their organisational goals. To encounter a business success, it has become essential for business leaders and working professionals possessing appreciable work experience to learn AI and upgrade themselves. Many business giants are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence. Though Artificial Intelligence is an old idea, the availability of data and technological upgrades made it evolve. Technical updates in the computer world have brought a revolution in the domain of Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence or AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the technique that enables the machines to mimic human behaviour and obtain better results. Artificial Intelligence is achieved through Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Now let us understand what is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning is the technology of training Machines to learn from past data and do what humans can do at a much faster pace.

In other words, Machine Learning can be described as the technique applied to achieve artificial intelligence through algorithms trained with data.

Machine Learning requires vast volumes of data to design a better model that results in higher accuracy.

There are three types of Machine Learning:

  • Supervised Learning

Supervised learning employs labelled data to train the model. The machine will know the features of the given set of data and the various labels associated with the data.

  • Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised learning is another type of machine learning algorithm that employs unlabelled data to draw inferences.

  • Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning can be described as reward-based learning as it works on the principle of feedback. The machine constantly learns from the feedback given and predicts the most accurate outcomes.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is a subset of Machine Learning which in turn is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Deep learning grants systems the ability to learn from unlabeled or unstructured data.

Deep learning is a type of machine learning inspired by the structure of the human brain. The structure employed in deep learning is called artificial neural network.

What are the various factors that enabled the development of Artificial Intelligence?

Availability of data: There was a scarcity in the data. It is challenging to derive meaningful insights from less amount of data. With the advancement of technology, the internet has become an integral part of our lives through which a huge amount of data is being generated every day. Data is the most important aspect of Artificial Intelligence. The availability of enormous amounts of data is what enabled the development of AI.

High computational speed

One of the major constraints to execute Artificial Intelligence is computational speed. As AI requires to work with huge data sets, it also requires high computational speed. Even as the new technologies are emerging day by day, the computational speed has increased rapidly. This paved a way to develop AI.

In the days to come, AI is expected to become less artificial and a lot more intelligent.

Why is AI important for business leaders?

From small scale industries to large scale industries, AI has been creating a revolution in the 21st century. AI has been dictating industries from Mobiles to Automobiles. This has certainly created a need for more talent and new requirements with emerging technologies. Within the last decade, AI has acquired a top position and it is becoming unimaginable to project ourselves without AI. With the need for AI professionals, there is also an emerging need for Business leaders who are experts at AI for various reasons.

There is an assumption in IT that learning Artificial Intelligence is only for software engineers. Although there is some truth to this presupposition, it is not entirely true. Business leaders equipped with Artificial Intelligence have a lot more to contribute to the businesses than individuals. They can contribute in following ways:

Building better business strategies

Using Artificial Intelligence, Business leaders can develop a business plan. This can be achieved by considering various factors like location, value of the product, reception of the audience, economy of the location. This is a more subtle example of AI application in Business. Artificial Intelligence provides solutions to come up with the best business plan that helps businesses thrive. When business leaders equipped with Artificial Intelligence skill, they design a business plan that combines elements from best business plans available out there along with AI. Since the leaders are aware of  the elements affecting their business, they can design a viable yet outstanding solution for their business. Such an application can be seen in the Stock Market prediction using AI. Many top notch companies are employing Artificial Intelligence in project management to obtain better outcomes.

Cost Reduction

It is accurate that Startups suffer for their survival because of their limited budget and resources. With considerable demand for AI professionals, startups may not be able to afford such resources to fulfil their needs. Thus it becomes inevitable for business leaders to learn AI so that they can cut costs to the company by not hiring more individuals. This adds tremendous value to the business along with professional growth of individuals. With the application, AI in business attracts more customers that seek solutions for their problems. At this juncture, we ought to remind ourselves that the value goes bidirectional as AI cuts the need for manual labour at the same time.


With the prevailing demand for Artificial Intelligence, the majority of software professionals are making their move towards AI. With growing demand, businesses may end up hiring wrong resources who may not fit the business requirement for a particular company. This tacitly or directly impacts the  business conducted by the company. Hence, it is vital for business leaders to get acquainted with Artificial Intelligence so that they can pick the right resources who are adept in AI. Another use case associated with hiring is the determination of Salary. It is always a more tiresome ordeal for a hiring manager/technical recruiter/ Human Resource manager to determine salary for an individual based on the skill, education, market trends. On Ground level, this scenario seems simple and viable to determine salary based on market trends. However, it is impractical for business leaders to study the current market for a particular skill across the country. This is where we can apply an AI model that analyses market trends, skill, educational background of an individual to determine appropriate salary for a particular individual.

Better Research and Inventions

The Vision of a good business leader should always be centred around current technology as it is vital in the 21st century. Technology has been dictating the way we live as it is altering the pace at which we live our lives. Business leaders must be aware of the latest trends in their market,. A technically literate business leader can shape their business in an appropriate way that suits the requirements of end customers. Consumers always choose tools/services that are faster, reliable.  Although a technically illiterate leader can contribute inventions, it is not pragmatic to expect a better outcome of ideas without acquaintance with technology. A good business leader always seeks to learn current technology trends and motivate, plan business strategy that produces services using such patterns. Such an approach adds tremendous value to the business. For instance, Television manufacturing companies are integrated TVs with AI for a better picture, sound quality. Likewise, the solutions can be more optimistic when companies integrate AI into a wide variety of industries. Business with a good vision and well versed with AI can design a solution that is groundbreaking. 

Any company that does not demonstrate an interest in adaptation to new technologies available in the market fails to withstand the competition. This proposition has been proved to be true in case of companies like Nokia. Business leaders that would like to add value to their products, services need to be adopted to the latest trends in the market, technology. This adaptation does not end with individuals rather it reaches up the hierarchy in businesses. Hence, it is inevitable for business leaders to learn Artificial Intelligence.

The need to pursue Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders

We have passed the phase of racing about AI being the next big thing. Businesses are employing AI to promote and sell the best products in the market and provide services to customers. Business leaders who decided to integrate AI into the business are behind such a strategy. Business leaders in the 21st Century need a proper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of AI to transform their businesses. In the coming days, proficiency in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be a must-have in any manager's CV. For now, it is a rare skill with high demand. There is a digital skills gap that exists. To meet this, organizations are in search of AI professionals. Considering this, taking up the Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders course by Great Learning will enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

The Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders by Great Learning lasts for 4 months and the course is an intensive online program for leaders who want to use the knowledge of data and AI to make better strategic business decisions. The program is suitable for non-tech business professionals who are desiring AI-enabled business decision making to transform their business. The program is relevant pro category managers, CXOs, Delivery managers, product managers, senior managers, and team leads who want to upgrade their skill set. The program revolves around conceptual and real-world case’ based approaches which help to simulate working scenarios where AI can be adopted to improve business outcomes.

AI for Leaders is the perfect platform for people working in different job roles.

AI project management solutions

This program helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence to be able to make Ai enables decisions for your organisation.

AI for project managers

This program enables you to identify, scope and manage AI projects.  

Artificial Intelligence for Business Executives

This program empowers the business executives to deliver transformative projects to external and internal clients and stakeholders.

AI for Managers

This program aids you with the desired confidence and understanding to manage technical teams through the lifecycle of AI projects.

AI for Business Professionals

This program enables you to make appropriate choices while deciding between ‘tech stacks’ or products.

AI for Business Leaders

This course gives you the ability to lead organizations towards the AI world as they develop AI-enabled products and services.

What do you learn when you take up the Artificial Intelligence Course for Business Leaders by Great Learning?

The curriculum of the Artificial Intelligence Course for Business Leaders by Great Learning is designed by the industry experts and the most experienced faculty team of Great Learning. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it is industry-relevant and does not require any technical background. This program aims to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence in the day to day decision making of business leaders. This program is exclusively designed for senior professionals with a minimum of 8 years of work experience.

Let us have a brief understanding of the curriculum of this program:

Module 1: The Business of AI

The first module completely focuses on the application and impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Business. You will learn about the AI techniques applied to solve business problems through AI.

Below is the list of concepts covered in this module

  • The Business of AI
  • Where is AI used (and where it’s not)?
  • Categorization of common business problems
  • Making the business case for the use of AI & ML
  • The AI & ML landscape – tools, techniques, and platforms, ROI & TCO

Module 2 : AI in practice

This module aims to teach about the major components of Artificial Intelligence which are Data, Visualisation, and Understanding Visual metrics. You will also master AzureML which is employed in Data Visualization and Data manipulation. You will also be working on a project that helps to put your learning into practice.

Below is the list of concepts covered in this module

  • Data: Data sources, methods of handling, common tools & techniques
  • Visualisation: Structuring & visualising data, viz tools
  • Platforms: AI & ML cloud platforms, out-of-the-box solutions

Module 3: Machine Learning

The third module completely focuses on Machine Learning technology. In this module, you will learn about various types of Machine Learning. You will also be working on a project besides participating in quizzes to empower your learning.

Below is the list of concepts covered in this module

  • Overview of common Machine Learning techniques & their uses (supervised, unsupervised & ensemble techniques)
  • Training, testing and the basics of prediction using ML
  • Testing and evaluating models for accuracy and other measures; 
  • Prediction case studies. Examples: Predicting how much the customer will be willing to buy?
  • Whether the customer will subscribe to our product
  • Recommendation systems: What product should we recommend to the customer based on their past purchasing behaviour?

Module 4: Deep Learning for AI

 The fourth module focuses on Deep learning, the subset of Machine Learning. You will participate in two quizzes and work on a project. This project demands the application of neural networks.

Below is the list of concepts covered in this module

  • Neural networks & deep neural networks
  • Applications of deep learning in various scenarios
  • Necessary conditions, challenges and limitations of deep learning

Module 5: Application of Deep Learning to Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing

The fifth module will concentrate on the various applications of Deep Learning to Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.  This module involves working on a project which focuses on Natural Language Processing.

Below is the list of concepts covered in this module

  • Computer Vision principles – working with images and videos
  • Convoluted Neural Networks and their use for computer vision
  • Sentiment Analysis Case studies: Based on the review of the customer, can we classify the review as positive or negative?
  • NLP techniques – dealing with textual data, strings, language
  • RNN, LSTM and common techniques for NLP
  • Object Detection case study: How to detect cancer cells in chest X days?

Module 6: Jumpstarting AI

As the title of this module demonstrates, this module enables you to gain ease in accessing the tools and techniques you have mastered.

Below is the list of concepts covered in this module

  • Data Augmentation, feature engineering and other techniques to do drive efficacy
  • Transfer Learning and the use of pre-trained models
  • Case Study: Use of Transfer Learning for classification

Module 7: Real-life projects in AI

You will work on multiple real life projects of Artificial Intelligence that aids you gain a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

Below is the list of concepts covered in this module

  • Planning & structuring an AI project / AI teams
  • Common tools, frameworks and libraries
  • Pitfalls, risks and how to mitigate them

Why Great Learning?

Great Learning has established its standards and is also recognised as one of the best institutes to learn Artificial Intelligence. Taking up the AI for leaders by UT Austin would surely help you to encounter a career transition you are aiming for or enhance your business through AI enabled business decisions.


Great Learning has a team of faculty that is highly accomplished. They are highly talented and experienced. When you take up Great Learning's AI for leaders course, you will be taught by the leading academicians and also the industry experts who work for top-notch organisations.


Great Learning’s AI for leaders online program offers you immense flexibility to master Artificial Intelligence without giving up on your job. The classes are designed to cause minimal disruptions to your professional and personal life.

Live Virtual Classes by Industry Experts

Even as several industry experts participate in delivering virtual classes, participants gain understanding from the industry perspective. Learning from the industry experts also helps them gain several useful insights that help understand AI in a better fashion.

Hands-on projects that don’t require coding experience

The projects designed for this course do not employ any programming. This aids to gain a practical understanding of AI techniques which helps the business experts to understand the work of their technical team and lead them in a better way. This course would also include working on various real-world case studies that enable you to build an industry context.

Domain understanding coupled with technical coverage

The program emphasizes on the applications and use-cases using case studies and practical examples. This course covers various concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, learners gain an intuitive understanding of AI.

As the responsibility of managers and leaders is all about leading a team of Machine learning engineers, Artificial Intelligence engineers or data scientists, this course is perfectly designed for business leaders to gain a comprehensive understanding of what happens with AI and ML without getting into the coding part. This helps you to enhance your understanding ability and builds confidence to lead teams of AI, ML and Data Science.

Dual Certification from The University of Texas at Austin and Great Lakes

Upon the successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from The University of Texas at Austin which records the World's #4 rank in Business Analytics. You will also receive a certificate from Great Learning. Over the past 13 years, Great Learning and Great Lakes have been ranked as the number one institutes to master the latest technologies.

Capstone project

The capstone project is the cornerstone of your learning journey. The capstone project aims to consolidate your learning, hence comprises all the tools and techniques you have learnt throughout the course. The capstone project adds value to your portfolio as it displays your expertise in accessing various tools of Artificial Intelligence.

If you are an enthusiastic manager or leader seeking to gain AI knowledge, this is the right platform for you to enhance your skills and become an AI enabled leader. This course is open to professionals working in roles like Product Manager, Business Head, Delivery Manager, Account Manager, Team Lead, Engineering Manager, Data Science Consultant, Marketing Manager, R&D Manager and more. Do register yourself today and learn Artificial Intelligence with Great Learning.