Clarence Wong

Data Scientist

“Clarence Wong learned several Analytics tools during his career spanning over nine years across multiple reputed companies. Having witnessed the growing importance of analytics across domains, he decided to learn advanced skills that were in great demand in the industry. After considering several options, he chose the Post graduate program in Business Analytics & Business Intelligence from Great Lakes Institute of Management. During the program, Clarence got an enviable job offer from one of the senior participants from ValueLabs as Project Lead Analytics, where he was responsible for setting up their global analytics consultancy.”

Here is a short snippet of his journey in the PGP-BABI program:

Q1. Please tell us briefly about your role and responsibilities prior to joining the course and

what motivated you to join this course.

While working at ADP, I had a dual role, wherein my major responsibilities included working on Analytics and leading lean 6 Sigma initiatives. But lack of professional training in analytics and not having access to a quality network of professionals in analytics were limiting the possibility of getting new and challenging opportunities. This is when I decided to opt for a formal training and certification in analytics. I had done a lot of research on the available courses wrt faculty, content, experiential learning etc. and I had also interacted with Prof. Bappa (Program Director, PGP- BABI, Gurgaon), who gave me complete clarity about the course and as a result I zeroed in on the course offered by GLIM.

Q2. What did you like the most about the course?

The curriculum was well structured which ensured comprehensive coverage of all relevant topics like R, SAS, Tableau etc. In addition to this, the professors were extremely flexible based on the learning requirements of the batch; they were always ready to spend more time on certain topics based on the feedback given by the batch.

The industry speakers were very knowledgeable and had hands on experience on the topics delivered by them. Interacting with them on real world problems was one of the biggest takeaways from the course.

Q3. Tell us something about the experiential learning during the program.

The capstone project picked by my group was a live assignment that the company I had switched to was working on. We were able to implement the learning and outcome from the project at work and it was appreciated by all stakeholders.

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