Edwin Inbaraj

Edwin Inbaraj

Data Scientist, Verizon

Most of us were new to Analytics, so the professors really set the tone for us by taking the session to a different level altogether.

My Professional Journey so Far

I started my career in testing and gradually moved on to business analytics. With almost 6 years of experience, I knew that analytics was my calling and I felt constrained by my tester’s job to apply it. I was searching for a platform to learn analytics in a structured manner. That’s when one of my friend and Great Lakes’ alumnus asked me to consider Great Lakes. I went through the program page on the website and was convinced that this is the course for me after looking at the industry experience section. Not only were the industry mentors great, my fellow students came from different industries and it enriched my overall experience of learning analytics in the program as I was exposed to different perspectives and some of the best minds in the industry. I can’t thank Great Learning enough for the personal network I developed.

Things that I liked most About the Program

I liked the exceptional faculty and really enjoyed Professor PKV’s sessions. A few data mining sessions by Rajesh Jakhotia were excellent. I also distinctly remember the wonderful Tableau sessions. Most of us were new to Analytics, so the professors really set the tone for us by taking the session to a different level altogether. The second thing is the Capstone project. I did a sentiment analysis project under the guidance of an industry expert. They mentored us right to the end of the project.

My Transition from a Test Lead to a Data Scientist

I did my internship from Chennai and later joined Verizon as a Data Scientist. Great Learning has a very good name with Verizon. I believe it was one of the reasons I was hired. I was asked a lot of questions about my Capstone Project amongst other things.

Tools and Techniques Used in Current Role

I use the R studio, Tableau, Adobe Analytics, and a few other analytics tools. Our project here just started so we are learning as we progress. I believe I am doing well.

My Advice for aspirants who are looking for a transition

The first factor is not getting complacent. Just joining a great program doesn’t guarantee good opportunities in the market. You have to learn things in parallel through workshops etc. One needs to stay updated about the latest happenings in the Analytics industry. For professionals looking to transition in Analytics, it is crucial to remember that completing the course is just a starting point in your career. 100% effort and hard work are the only things that will see you through. Great Learning is a brilliant name so companies are always looking for people who have graduated from here but it is up to you to prove your capability and keep the legacy of the school intact.