Devinder Rehan

I have come a long way from being a Technical Consultant at Adobe to now an Analytics data-driven role. I work with CHE Proximity as a Digital Marketing Solution Architect. This is a role that requires both business analytics and a technology background. CHE proximity was a client of ours at Adobe, they were impressed by my work and contribution to their project and that’s why I was extended the offer. This role is based out of Australia.

Great Learning helped me a lot to grow and move to this role. My technical background meant I had limited understanding of the impact we were making with the solutions we provided to our clients. However, after enrolling for the PGP-BABI course I had a more holistic view about the following:

The course definitely helped me sound a lot smarter during our client meetings and reviews.
The career enhancement industry sessions and blogs helped
me crack the interview. My learnings from the Capstone project were
heavily tested during the interview.
The industry sessions helped me gain a very good understanding
about corporate requirements. Overall, the course helped in building a strong
foundation in analytics tools and techniques.
I would advise others aiming to switch to analytics roles to be good
at the fundamentals of statistics and learn at least 1 or 2 of the tools
or programming languages used in Analytics. For my work, I use Python
for programming & Tableau for visualization.
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