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The Data warrior in the COVID-19 war



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How is the world managing to combat this curse, COVID-19, in spite of its uncertain yet gripping and ongoing tale? This is worse than war - An illness that has no definitive cure and wide range of prognosis. How has the combination of healthcare, technology and data been this magical blend to get this going, at least this far?

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Dr. Mathy Vandhana

Dr. Mathy Vandhana

Healthcare IT Domain Expert


A dentist-turned senior business analyst playing a project management role in the current tenure, and exploring my way into technology as it presents its innumerable ways to enhance healthcare. Being and working agile has helped me in progressing deep into IT as well, thanks to the frameworks and processes that help me wade through this sea of future opportunities. Having worked through the breadth of the medical industry, Healthcare has been one of my key areas of expertise, along with project management, business analysis, and business practices in IT
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