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Introduction to Programming

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This comprehensive course on ‘Intro to Programming’ covers all the basic and advanced concepts related to programming. You will get a conceptual understanding of basics in programming such as Flow control Statements, Functions and Object-Oriented Programming. Learn what an algorithm is and how to use them to solve problems. Get familiar with the basics of Python and work with some of Python’s most powerful and popular libraries such as NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib. The entire course gives you hands-on experience in coding so that you gain practical expertise in the subject.

Skills covered

  • check Python basics
  • check Object-oriented programming
  • check NumPy
  • check Pandas
  • check Matplotlib

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Programming

  • play Understanding programming concepts
  • play Algorithmic approach to programming
  • play Basics of Python
  • play Data types
  • play variables and operators
  • play Data structures in Python
  • play Flow control statements
  • play Functions
  • play Object oriented programming
  • play NumPy
  • play Pandas
  • play Matplotlib

Course Certificate

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