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Teaching Online Effectively with Olympus Digital Campus



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Teaching online effectively while ensuring that students have great learning outcomes is not easy. This is more challenging than merely having a video conferencing software connecting teachers and students.

This session will cover how teachers can effectively move their teaching online while ensuring that their students have a seamless learning experience.

In the initial part of the session we will cover topics like:

  • How can teachers deliver a high quality learning experience online?
  • What tools and software are required to shift the learning experience online??
  • What are some of the best practices for teaching online?
  • And more...

In the second part of the session, we will see a live demonstration of the Olympus Digital Campus - an end to end solution which enables educators to effectively move their teaching online. By taking care of responsibilities like planning and publishing course schedules, distributing course content, conducting live classes, monitoring attendance, giving assignments and quizzes, conducting proctored exams and much more, Olympus Digital Campus helps teachers devote their time and effort towards teaching without worrying about how the administrative tasks are done.

As part of the demonstration, the session will cover: The various features, dashboards and workflows of Olympus Digital Campus that enable a high quality learning experience online. Participants will see the experience that students and teachers will have while using Olympus Digital Campus. A live demonstration of interactive online features of Olympus Digital Campus (for example breakout sessions).

The session will be delivered by Mr. Arjun Nair (Co-founder and DIrector, Great Learning) and co-hosted by Mr. Ritesh Malhotra (Head of Enterprise Business, Great learning)

About the Speaker

Mr. Arjun Nair

Mr. Arjun Nair

Co-founder and Director, Great Learning


Arjun Nair is the Co-Founder at Great Learning, India's leading ed-tech platform for working professionals, where he is responsible for creating new business opportunities, growth and operations. Arjun has been part of the leadership at a number of VC funded startups in the US and India. Prior to Great Learning, he headed Strategic Initiatives at ZipDial, which was acquired by Twitter. Arjun completed his MBA from MIT Sloan, where he received the prestigious Legatum Fellowship awarded to entrepreneurs from emerging markets. He received an MS from Duke University and has worked with Siemens Healthcare on building products for personalized medicine.
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