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Cloud Foundations

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In this course, you will be introduced to the basic concepts of cloud computing and become familiar with the history and evolution of cloud computing. Further in the course, you will also get introduced to virtualization and its correlation with cloud computing. You will also get a good understanding of virtualization basics and how VMs compare to containers.

Skills covered

  • check Cloud basics
  • check Deployment Models
  • check IT vs Cloud

Course Syllabus

Cloud Foundations

  • play Intro to Cloud Computing
  • play Cloud Computing Attributes and offerings
  • play Pricing and scaling models
  • play Introduction to Virtualization
  • play Container vs VM Virtualization
  • play Price Economics & Decision Making
  • play Apps for Cloud & Security Model
  • play Infrastructure Automation, IOT and more

Course Certificate

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Discussion on Cloud Foundations


This Course is helpful to understand the Basic concepts with evolution and the faculty influences you to think from Decision making perspective. It allow you to condition your mindset on the utilization or services and exploring best alternatives to ever evolving elastic demand. Will recommend for understanding concepts.

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How do I delete my AWS account?

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It is okay if they mention FREE in the certificate… Any how we are getting just overview of the course…

If someone is studying a paid one course, then what will be the value of that certificate… It will be same as FREE… That is why… To add FREE is absolutely fine

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I completed this course but when I received the certificate it is mentioned “For completing a free online course”.

why would you mention free on the certificate ? When you mention free it means it has no value. It’s of no use to share it on linkedIn (even after putting effort to learn). It’s not right to mention that word. No thanks

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It is available for free ,Please enroll using this link.

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How can I enroll into this course? Is it paid?

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