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Statistics for Data Science

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Data Science is the hottest job of the 21st century with an average salary of 120,000 USD per year. Now, if you want to foray into the world of data science, you need to have good command over statistics..This in-depth course starts from a complete beginner's perspective and introduces you to the various facets of statistics and concepts that are required to solve a variety of data science problems. You will learn how to apply these concepts to business problems.This course will be taught by Dr.Abhinanda Sarkar, Academic Director - Great Learning who has his Ph.D. in Statistics from Stanford University. He has taught applied mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); been on the research staff at IBM; led Quality, Engineering Development, and Analytics functions at General Electric (GE); and has co-founded OmiX Labs.

Skills covered

  • check Statistics

Course Syllabus

Statistics for Data Science

  • play Descriptive statistics
  • play Understanding distributions and plots
  • play Univariate statistical plots and usage
  • play Bivariate and multivariate statistics
  • play Introduction to probability
  • play Addition and multiplication rule
  • play Bayes theorem
  • play Spam not spam problem using bayes theorem
  • play Binomial and normal distribution
  • play Poisson probability function
  • play Normal distribution function

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