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Implement CDN with AWS CloudFront



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Great Learning brings you this session on 'Implementing CDN with AWS CloudFront'. CDN or Content Delivery Network are important in Data Caching and ensuring swift and latency free access to data over the internet. In this session we will understand and learn how to create CloudFront distribution using AWS Cloudfront and how to implement Content Delivery networks effectively. This session will focus on following pointers: What is Content Delivery Network? What is AWS? What is AWS CloudFront? How To Create CloudFront Distributions using AWS?

About the Speaker

Mr. Vishal Padghan

Mr. Vishal Padghan

Great Learning


Vishal has 3+ years of experience in the field of Cloud Computing. He has expertise in Cloud platforms Like AWS, Azure and has been in the technical content side from last 2 years. He has been involved in teaching numerous classes for Cloud Computing.
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