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How to build Interactive Chatbots | Class 8-12



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This Great Learning live session on "How to build Interactive Chatbots" will help school students (Class 8 to 12) understand how chatbot works and how to build one on your own. This will be a Hands-on workshop session where we will start with the basics of how a computer interprets text and proceed onto understanding how Artificial Intelligence is used in chatbots. In the end, we will use a chat bot application to showcase how the AI algorithm works in action.

About the Speaker

Mr. Prithviraj Decca

Mr. Prithviraj Decca

Data Scientist , Great Learning


Prithviraj currently works as a Data Scientist at Great Learning and has expertise in the area of Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI. Prithvi has been actively involved in conducting numerous sessions on Artificial Intelligence - (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert levels)
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