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Every Software Engineering job interview starts with a round of coding. The most frequently asked coding questions are from topics such as Recursion, Sliding window, 2 pointers, Merge sort, BFS & DFS, Subsets, Modified BST, Top K, etc. In this course, you will get insights on how to effectively tackle questions on these topics. You will also learn the correct approach to attempting coding interviews.

This course is delivered through a series of questions covering the various aspects of preparing for coding interviews in top companies. It also explores the common patterns of the questions asked during such interviews.

About the Speaker

Mr. Vishwa Mohan

Mr. Vishwa Mohan

Sr. Software Engineer, Ex-Walmart, Ex- Paypal, IIT-BHU Alumnus


A Software engineer with 9+ years of experience working in major product companies like Walmart, Paypal, Oracle, etc. He also has a passion for mentoring students and helping professionals crack their dream jobs in Software Engineering.

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