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Getting Started : Hadoop



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Today, we’re surrounded by data. Existing tools were becoming inadequate to process such large data sets. Hadoop, and large-scale distributed data processing in general, is rapidly becoming an important skill set for many programmers. Hadoop is an open-source framework for writing and running distributed applications that process large amounts of data. Distributed computing is a wide and varied field, but the key distinctions of Hadoop are that it is - Accessible, Robust, Scalable and Simple. This course introduces Hadoop in terms of distributed systems and data processing systems. You will learn the basics of DFS and Hadoop Architecture. The course will give you an overview of the Map Reduce programming model using simple word counting examples.

Skills covered

  • check Map reduce
  • check Hadoop and YARN architecture

Course Syllabus

Getting Started : Hadoop

  • play Introduction to big data
  • play What is hadoop
  • play Hadoop architecture
  • play HDFS basics
  • play Demo HDFS basics
  • play Hadoop Yarn introduction
  • play Introduction to map reduce
  • play Map reduce approach with demonstration
  • play HDFS in hadoop 1.x vs in hadoop 2.x YARN
  • play HDFS advanced concepts
  • play HDFS configuration files

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