Now Anybody can Code- Thanks to Deep Learning!

Overview :

Deep Learning enabled algorithm to bring coding at fingertips.

Drag and drop technique by Lobe makes “coding without coding knowledge” possible.

Build your models, tune them and you’re good to go.

Introduction :

Drag and drop! That is all you need to do to build your code. Yes! That really is possible. Lobe is an automated deep learning tool that helps any user with no coding expertise at all to build a code all by themselves.

Deep learning is indeed an amazingly complex yet sophisticated technology which might often sound intimidating. But now, deep learning can help to make coding easier and simpler.

Intrigued? Let’s see,

How it Works :

Lobe follows three basic steps :

  • Build: Once the data set in finalized, drag it into Lobe and witness magic happen. The technology will automatically build a model for you at the convenience of a click! 
  • Train: Limits, boundaries and parameters are extremely essential to ensure smooth functioning of a system. We next tune the model by introducing various parameters.  
  • Ship: Once all of  this is taken care of, simply export it to TensorFlow or CoreML and run it.

So Drag, Drop and Learn!

One of the most engrossing features of Lobe is that we can see our entire data set visually, which is a complete treat to the eye. All we need to do is select any icon and see how it is performing in our specific model.

Interesting, right? Well this video makes it more clear:

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So Let’s Summarize :

Here is yet another example of how deep learning can help reduce complexity. The core intent of deep learning AI algorithms is to make daunting tasks easier, like coding. With a technology like this, no more do we need to worry about the language we need to learn or the tool we need to pick. The results of Lobe are very impressive and definitely promising. The ability and extent to which Lobe can revolutionize coding and the way we perceive it is surreal if you think about what was possible just a few years ago.

Lobe definitely makes complex looking aspects of technology simpler and more accessible. 

Definitely something we should keep our eyes on!

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