Neural Networks- Risk Modeling & Fraud Detection

This video is an introduction to Machine learning and neural networks and its application in financial and risk analytics, risk modeling and fraud detection

By: Surya Putchala

Surya Putchala is the Global Head, AI/ML & Data Science at Cappius Technologies. As an entrepreneur with a zeal to create Analytics products that bring significant improvements in Business Performance, he is passionate about areas related to Data Science, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, High Performance Cluster Computing and Algorithms. As a thought leader, he has significant experience leading transformatino projects for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of BI, Data Science ( Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing), Big Data ( Hadoop, Spark, Storm, NoSQL), Technology Transformations ( Strategy, Value Articulation, Architecture, Assessments, Portfolio analysis and rationalization), Information Management, Innovation, Evangelism and Entrepreneurship

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