Analytics Problem Solving – What should you learn and why?

In this talk, Dr. Bappa highlights the techniques that every analytics professional should know and how by mastering them, many of the commonly occurring business problems can be tackled. He also explains the various steps an analytics professional takes to arrive at the solution, beginning with problem formulation.

By: Dr. Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay

Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay is currently the Professor, Finance at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon and also the Program Director for Great Lakes Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics. He is also a Visiting Professor at University of Ulm, Germany. He is also the Managing Editor of Journal of Emerging Market Finance, Journal of Infrastructure and Development and is on the Editorial Advisory Board of International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, International Bulletin of Business Administration, European. He completed his PhD from ISI, Kolkata

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